Veria Quickmat

Veria Quickmat provides fast-acting and uniform floor heating, as well as easy installation.

Read more about Quickmat here...
Veria Flexicable

Veria Flexicable is heating cables for easy under tile and wooden floor solutions

Read more about Flexicable here...
Veria Controls

With Veria Controls, you can easily control your floor heating system to ensure a constant comfortable temperature.

Read more about Controls here...
Veria Clickmat

Veria Clickmat is the simplest self installation floor heating solution on the market.

Read more about Clickmat here...
Veria AquaMat

Veria AquaMat is a hydronic floor heating system that is ready to roll out on your existing floor.

Read more about AquaMat here...
Veria Pipeheat 10

Veria Pipeheat 10 is a self-limiting heating cable that protects pipes from frost damage.

Read more about Pipeheat here...
Veria Mirrorheat

Veria Mirrorheat is an easy to install mirror heater that keeps your mirrors steam-free.

Read more about Mirrorheat here...
Veria Snowmat 300

Make winter safer with Veria outdoor heating Veria Snowmat 300

Read more about Snowmat here...

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