Veria Control ET45

Intuitive touch screen for the highest level of usability 

Buttons are excellent if you only need to turn up a temperature. But nowadays touch screens are more natural and intuitive for all of us. That is why Veria Control ET45 is provided with an intuitive touch screen user operation with text, icons and instant feedback.


Energy savings 

With the Veria Control ET45 you have easy access to the many features that will allow you to reduce energy waste by up to 25-30 %. The many energy saving features in the Veria Control ET45, like 3rd generation intelligent timer with optimum fade-out, easy to use quick button, energy usage read out and open window function will in some cases allow you to save even more energy.


Automatic open window detection

A quick drop in temperature will be detected by the Veria Control ET45 and it will shut the heat off for 30 minutes thus saving you money when you air out a room. If you ventilated every day the open window detector can help you to save about 4% energy in your heating season.


Timer with flexible day and time pattern

A timer providing you comfort should be flexible and easy to use thus matching your changing life pattern. Only in this way you will actual do the small adjustments saving the energy waste of heating when everybody is somewhere else.

On Veria Control ET45 you can set 2 comfort periods and 2 energy saving periods per day, define the time periods with an accuracy of 15 minutes, and copy settings to any other day you prefer.


Away settings

By using the away function of the Veria Control ET45 you ensure that no energy is wasted during e.g. weekends or holidays when you are not at home. The temperature is temporally lowered and you can even program the thermostat to make sure that the thermostat goes back to normal operation on a specific date.


Flexible design

The Veria Control ET45 is designed to fit as many electrical appliances frame systems as possible. You can simply integrate it in the frame system you prefer or already have. The beautiful looking controller fits perfectly in any interior. Whether you use it with our design frame or your preferred frame, it is a perfect match. 


Product features

  • Big 2” touch screen
  • Built-in setup wizard
  • Easy and intuitive functionalities
  • Adaptive PWM function
  • Fits several single and multiple frames
  • Fits several competitor NTC
  • 2-year warranty
Se stort billede
Technical specifications Veria Control ET45 Veria Control T45
Size: 85 mm x 85 mm X 20-24 mm 86 mm x 86 mm
Sealant rating: IP 21 IP 30
Precision: +/-0.5°C +/-1°C
Standby consumption: <0.4 W <2 W
Operation voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz 180-240 V, 50 Hz
Max. load: 16 A - 3,680 W at 230 V 13 A - 2,990 W at 230 V
Sensor type: NTC NTC
Temperature range: 5-45°C 5-45°C
Warranty: 2 years 2 years
Product number Description
189B4070 Veria Control ET45

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