Veria Flexicable 20

High output

Veria Flexicable 20 has a continuous output of 20 W per metre, which makes it possible to achieve a heat output capable of warming even the most demanding areas, such as sunrooms, uninsulated basements, etc.


Veria Flexicable 20 should be used primarily for deep embedding projects, and it is thus well suited to new builds.


The cable can be installed directly on the substrate. The easiest way to affix it is by using VeriaFix double-sided tape or similar, although it can also be secured using a glue gun.


See how easy it is to install Veria Flexicable 20 here:



Top-notch safety

The heating cable is equipped with a plaited copper screen, which, via the thermostat, is connected to the earth connection of your electrical installation. Should the cable break unexpectedly, the built-in screen connection will immediately shut down the system - without any risk to people or animals.


Select the correct output

The area that a given cable can cover depends on the desired output per square metre, and thus on which c-c distance cables are installed with it.

The recommended output depends in part on the room's insulation, and partly on the floor's surface and substrate materials.


For a wooden or laminate subflooring, as well as for a wooden and laminate floor covering, a maximum output of 100 W/m² is recommended.

For a concrete or tile subflooring, as well as for a regular or quarry tile floor covering, a maximum output of 150 W/m² is recommended.

In poorly insulated areas, we recommend an output of up to 200 W/m².


Read more about the outputs we recommend for different rooms in our Product Guide.


Fill in the fields below and calculate the cable length, c-c distance (distance between the cables), and output per square metre.

Calculated cable length (m):
Closest available cable length (m):
C-C distance (cm):
Actual output (W/m2):

Low price, maximum comfort

Try our consumption calculator to determine what it will cost to heat your floor with electric floor heating from Veria.


Product features

  • 7 mm installation height
  • 20 W per metre
  • Copper screen
  • 12-year warranty
  • CE-marked in accordance with IEC 60800


Accessories (sold separately)

Insulation material used as a sub-surface to allow for a more efficient use of the floor heating system.

We recommend using depron glue to fasten the depron panels.

Tape used to secure Veria Flexicable to the substrate.


Se stort billede
Technical specifications Veria Flexicable 10 Veria Flexicable 20
Height: 4 mm 7 mm
Length: 10-140 m 10-125 m
Supply line: 2.3 m 2.3 m
Tensile strength: 120 Nm 120 Nm
Deformation strength: 600 Nm 2,000 Nm
Volt: 230V 230V
Heating cable insulation: Fluoroplastic (FEP) PEX
Screen: 100% aluminium screen + bi-conductor 16 x 0.3 mm Cu
Outer cover material: PVC PVC
Max. temperature: 80°C 80°C
Output per metre: 10 W/m at 230 V 20 W/m at 230 V
Warranty: 12 years 12 years
Product number Description Length

100 W/m2

(C-C= 20 cm)

150 W/m2

(C-C = 13.3 cm)

200 W/m2

(C-C = 10 cm)

189B2052 Veria Flexicable 20 - 200 W 10 m 2.0 m2 1.3 m2 1.0 m2
189B2054 Veria Flexicable 20 - 400 W 20 m 4.0 m2 2.7 m2 2.0 m2
189B2056 Veria Flexicable 20 - 650 W 32 m 6.4 m2 4.3 m2 3.2 m2
189B2058 Veria Flexicable 20 - 830 W 40 m 8.0 m2 5.3 m2 4.0 m2
189B2060 Veria Flexicable 20 - 970 W 50 m 10.0 m2 6.7 m2 5.0 m2
189B2062 Veria Flexicable 20 - 1,270 W 60 m 12.0 m2 8.0 m2 6.0 m2
189B2064 Veria Flexicable 20 - 1,410 W 70 m 14.0 m2 9.3 m2 7.0 m2
189B2066 Veria Flexicable 20 - 1,620 W 80 m 16.0 m2 10.6 m2 8.0 m2
189B2068 Veria Flexicable 20 - 1,890 W 90 m 18.0 m2 12.0 m2 9.0 m2
189B2070 Veria Flexicable 20 - 1,980 W 100 m 20.0 m2 13.3 m2 10.0 m2
189B2072 Veria Flexicable 20 - 2,530 W 125 m 25.0 m2 16.6 m2 12.5 m2
Product number Description
189B9240 Depron panels, 33 mm - 40 pcs.
189B9242 Depron panels, 6 mm - 20 pcs.
189B9244 Depron glue, 1 kg.
189B9246 Depron glue, 5 kg.
189B9138 VeriaFix double-sided tape
189B4040 Veria Control B35
189B4050 Veria Control B45
189B4060 Veria Control T45

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