Veria Mirrorheat

Steam-free mirrors

Veria Mirrorheat is a simple and invisible solution that prevents the problem of steamed-up mirrors. Mirrorheat warms the mirror and eliminates the effects of a temperature difference between mirror and room.

The mirror heater can be set to engage when the bathroom light is on to provide steam-free comfort, using no more energy than a 60 W bulb.


Easy installation

Veria Mirrorheat is easy to install. Simply stick the self-adhesive side to the middle of the rear side of the mirror, and connect it to either a separate switch or the light switch.


Product features

  • IP44
  • 2-year warranty
  • CE-marked in accordance with EN 60335-1 and 60335-2-30


Se stort billede
Technical specifications Veria Mirrorheat
Sealant rating: IP44, class II
Output per m2: 200 W/m2
Operation voltage: 230 V (50 Hz)
Warranty: 2 years
Product number Description Dimensions Output (W)
189B9204 Veria Mirrorheat 274 x 358 mm 17.5 W
189B9206 Veria Mirrorheat 410 x 524 mm 40W
189B9208 Veria Mirrorheat 708 x 524 mm 70W

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