Veria Snowmat 300

Make winter safer with Veria outdoor heating Veria Snowmat 300


Veria Snowmat 300 is efficient electrical heating mat to remove snow and ice from pavements, driveways, stairs, etc. This eliminates slippery pavements and provide safe driving, when the winter weather conditions made it hard.


Quick and easy mat installation. No screws or additional tools required. For areas where you need ice protection, just roll out a heating mat and lay the surface –concrete, tiles, bricks, etc. on top. Veria Snowmat 300 ice and snow melting heating mat, keeps driveways, stairs and drainage safe and clear throughout the winter.


Veria Snowmat 300 is an extremely high-quality, which has 360° fully screened twin conductor heating cable with a tough outer sheath (UV stable). Its round profile and robust construction ensures a fast, simple and safe installation on the ground. The cold lead has solid conductors ensuring fast installation with a clearly visible connection. To ensure a long life-time, all cables are minutely inspected including tests for Ohmic resistance, high voltage and material controls to ensure the quality.


Product features


  • Fast and easy to install
  • Multiple outdoor applications
  • Safe and robust
  • Long life-time
  • Maximum protection
  • UV stable
  • Standard compliance: IEC60800:2009


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Technical specifications Veria Snowmat 300
Output: 300 W/m2
Voltage: 230 V~
Mat thickness:

7 mm

Cable layout width: 45 cm
Heated area width: 50 cm
Cable C-C distance: 10 cm
Cable construction: Twin conductor
Screen: 100% aluminium screen
Conductor insulation: FEP
Outer sheath: PVC, black
Connection cable: 5 m
Pulling strength: 300 N
Deformation strength: 1500 N
Min. bending diameter: 42 mm
Max. temperature unpowered: 90 °C
IP Class: IPX7
Warranty: 12 years
Product number Mat dimensions, W x L Heated area Output @ 230V~ Resistance Connection cable
189B0500 0,5 x 3,4 m 1,7 m2 500 W 105,5 Ω 2x1,5 mm²
189B0501 0,5 x 9,2 m 4,6 m2 1365 W 38,7 Ω 2x1,5 mm²
189B0502 0,5 x 12,6 m 6,3 m2 1920 W 27,9 Ω 2x1,5 mm²
189B0503 0,5 x 18,2 m 9,1 m2 2755 W 19,2 Ω 2x1,5 mm²
189B0504 0,5 x 23 m 11,5 m2 3460 W 15,3 Ω 2x2,5 mm²

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