We at Veria wish to improve your home's indoor climate and comfort level, which is why we have assembled a wealth of useful tools and information that will help you choose the right Veria floor heating solution.



Should you have any questions regarding our products, try our FAQ page.

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If you're searching for an installation guide or other documentation, try looking on our documentation page.


Product Guide

If you're having trouble determining which Veria floor heating products fit your room, we've created a product guide that will lead you to the right Veria product.



You can also try our EasyPlanTM tool, which will guide you to the right Veria products with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Installation videos

We have assembled all of our installation videos, which illustrate how to properly install Veria floor heating products. Use these videos to supplement our installation guides or to find inspiration.


Consumption calculator

One of the most common questions we receive is, "How much will it cost?" Try our consumption calculator to find the answer.


Warranty registration

If you have purchased a Veria product, use our warranty registration to register your product for easy access to the extended warranty in the event of a claim.


    Plan your renovation project in just a few minutes - directly in your browser! Try EasyPlanTM


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